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Health Background, None of these option

I am struggling to figure what to do for a none of the above options during the health background part of the api. It's when you get asked if have suffered or been diagnosed of any of the following. I am not sure how to handle this instance. I always get this error: {"error":"Wrong answer selection (not in the list of choices). Supported answers: [C0020538, C0038454, C0011849, C0010054, C0024117, C0004096, C0403447]"} using: none_option = {"type":"generic","id":"none","label":"None of these"}

price for an API

I checked the website and I didn't find the price for using your symptoms checker API, could you provide me with the contact email for sales ?

Article search

<https://portal.your.md/v4/content/articles?locale=en-gb&query=knock-knee&size=10&resolve_intent=false&from=1> I am using this API on postman status 200 but array is null. please help me what is issue

Error Response

while providing key and secret key, receiving below mentioned error { "error" : "Bad Request" }

Live Api key

Hello, I need the live API key and have communicated to support we've had a meeting but all of a sudden no reply again after sending pricing and we've picked our option but for the past 2 weeks no reply.

Articles Search

Hello, i tried calling the the endpoint for article search and i noticed that some response i get is article not found even if the article exist on the health library. Is it that I'm using the test API key? so when i go live and get the live API key it will return the response if the article exist on the health library. And what's the process of getting a live API key. Thanks

Health Library

Quick one, is there an endpoint i can use to get all articles on Healthily?

Internal server error on Consultation Report Phase

Hi, Healthily team, I have been using your API for my school project. But today i'm receiving an internal server error message after the pre_diagnosis phase, instead of the consultation report. Just want to ask what could be the problem? I have sent an email requesting a live API key. Thank you.

Request for a live api key

Please what are the procedures to request for a live key?

API returning 500 error sometimes

Hi, we are using your API to create a symptom checker and its working most of the time but occasionally we just get 500 errors returned for every request after the initial setup call to initiate the process. Any ideas why this might be happening. I am entering the same information that worked previously so its not the information being sent.