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Triage advice containing open html bold tags

I only realised today that this instance of consultation generated a report that had two open bold tags in the triage advice. This caused issues with the rest of report being in bold. The message in questions: <b>Please see a doctor within 12 hours</b> because the following combination that you reported is concerning: <b>feeling so ill that you cannot do usual activities</b> for <b>few days<b>.

Add more symptoms

When adding more symptoms, in the add more symptoms stage, should that update the initial_symptoms from the on boarding stage or should I be sending a different message?

How to get past the pre-report consultation summary

Hi, I'm currently at the pre_diagnosis phase and I keep getting the same api response, what should I be expecting to receive back from the api? Here is the api response I receive:: {'conversation': {'id': 'd00611ab-127e-4d62-b41d-678e0126d6a4', 'scenario': 'consultation_routine', 'phase': 'pre_diagnosis', 'available_commands': ['STOP_CONVERSATION'], 'symptoms_summary': {'selected': [{'cui': 'C0012569', 'name': 'Seeing double'}, {'cui': 'C0151786', 'name': 'Weakness of specific body part(s)'}, {'cui': 'C0849970', 'name': 'Unusually tired/feeling generally weak'}, {'cui': 'CM001669', 'name': 'Numbness/tingling of hand(s)'}, {'cui': 'C0239649', 'name': 'Numbness/tingling of foot or toe(s)'}, {'cui': 'C0575090', 'name': 'Loss of balance'}, {'cui': 'CM000839', 'name': 'Difficulty gripping things'}, {'cui': 'C0241538', 'name': 'Numbness/tingling of arm (upper arm or elbow or forearm or wrist)'}, {'cui': 'C0311394', 'name': 'Difficulty walking'}, {'cui': 'C0520966', 'name': 'Lack of coordination'}, {'cui': 'CM001717', 'name': 'Numbness or tingling of hand or fingers worse on bending elbow'}, {'cui': 'C0344232', 'name': 'Reduced sharpness of vision/blurred vision'}, {'cui': 'CM001667', 'name': 'Weakness of arm or hand or fingers'}, {'cui': 'C0018681', 'name': 'Headache'}, {'cui': 'C0575810', 'name': 'Weakness of wrist or hand(s)'}, {'cui': 'C0587055', 'name': 'Numbness/tingling of leg (thigh or knee or lower leg or ankle)'}, {'cui': 'C2029713', 'name': 'Headache worse with physical activity'}, {'cui': 'C2957106', 'name': 'Severe headache'}, {'cui': 'C0002622', 'name': 'Memory loss'}], 'excluded': [{'cui': 'CM000775', 'name': 'Unintentional weight loss'}, {'cui': 'C0239377', 'name': 'Pain in arm (upper arm or elbow or forearm or wrist)'}, {'cui': 'C0423052', 'name': 'Squint or lazy eye'}, {'cui': 'C0239833', 'name': 'Pain in hand or thumb or finger(s)'}, {'cui': 'C3263722', 'name': 'Recent injury'}, {'cui': 'C0023222', 'name': 'Pain in leg (thigh or knee or lower leg or ankle)'}, {'cui': 'C0234518', 'name': 'Slurred speech'}, {'cui': 'C0003537', 'name': 'Difficulty with language or speaking'}, {'cui': 'C0012833', 'name': 'Lightheaded or feeling dizzy'}, {'cui': 'CM000768', 'name': 'Headache on waking up'}]}, 'progress': {'stage': 'Finishing up', 'percentage': 100}, 'step_back_possible': False}, 'question': {'type': 'generic', 'messages': \[{'type': 'generic', 'value_type': 'TEXT', 'value': "Thanks superuser, We will analyse the information you have given us, and show you a summary of the suggested next steps. Please note, this is not a diagnosis. Joan should always visit a doctor if they are in doubt, or if their symptoms get worse or don't improve. If Joan situation is serious, call the emergency services. Healthily is not liable for any decisions, acts or omissions you make. Please see how to use Healthily safely: <https://www.livehealthily.com/legal/safe-use/">, 'meta': {'chat_context': ['consultation_disclaimer_other']}}], 'mandatory': True, 'multiple': False, 'choices': [{'type': 'generic', 'id': 'OK', 'label': 'I understand'}]}, 'user': {'name': 'Joan', 'gender': 'f', 'age': 22, 'year_of_birth': 2002, 'other': True, 'initial_symptom': "['Numb hands', 'fatigue', 'weak grip', 'double vision']"}}

Inquiry about the API.

Hello, I have tried to contact the Healthily team via email to obtain information about the API, but I have not received any response. Is the product still available? Thank you.

Strnage behaviour all of a sudden

I have been working on implementing this api for a couple months now. Earlier today I finished displaying the report to the user. I have never ran into this problem before. All of a sudden I get this weird repsosne from the login end point: { "timestamp": "2024-02-22T17:36:21.108+00:00", "status": 404, "error": "Not Found", "message": "No message available", "path": "/morse/v3/auth/login" } ive been using the v4 endpoint and never encoturered this issue. My code hasn't changed for logging in an and started coding this since I first started. The have always worked fine until tonight randomly.

Health Background, None of these option

I am struggling to figure what to do for a none of the above options during the health background part of the api. It's when you get asked if have suffered or been diagnosed of any of the following. I am not sure how to handle this instance. I always get this error: {"error":"Wrong answer selection (not in the list of choices). Supported answers: [C0020538, C0038454, C0011849, C0010054, C0024117, C0004096, C0403447]"} using: none_option = {"type":"generic","id":"none","label":"None of these"}

price for an API

I checked the website and I didn't find the price for using your symptoms checker API, could you provide me with the contact email for sales ?

Article search

<https://portal.your.md/v4/content/articles?locale=en-gb&query=knock-knee&size=10&resolve_intent=false&from=1> I am using this API on postman status 200 but array is null. please help me what is issue

Error Response

while providing key and secret key, receiving below mentioned error { "error" : "Bad Request" }

Live Api key

Hello, I need the live API key and have communicated to support we've had a meeting but all of a sudden no reply again after sending pricing and we've picked our option but for the past 2 weeks no reply.