Building a User Interface

Building a User Interface

Developer partners can use the Healthily Smart Symptom Checker API to integrate world-class, conversational AI into their own apps, websites and messaging platforms.

While Healthily provides the API, our developer partners must create dynamic user interfaces that can represent the responses from the API and allow users to answer questions as part of a conversation flow.

Some of the interface elements that need to be rendered are detailed below.


Questions are the core of the API response and, as such, a dynamic user interface must be built to represent the differing components of a question


Messages are the text-based component of the question.

When a single message is returned by the API, the user interface should display this as a simple text message.

When multiple messages are returned in the response, these should be separated by a new line or constant height margin.

Free text

Where a free text response is required, the interface should support the ability to type a response.

Multiple choice

Single answer

Single answer multiple choice questions should only allow a user to select one answer from a list.


Multi-select questions should allow a user to select one or more answers.

Available Commands

At certain points in the conversation flow, the user can have the ability to exit the conversation. The user interface should accommodate this feature.

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