Consultation Report


  1. The layout and presentation of information in the consultation report has some key requirements in terms of what must always be shown to the user, where that is the case it is clearly marked.
  2. The report should always include a date and time in the users local time that it was generated. This should be clearly shown.

The consultation report is a detailed report for the user, which has four main sections.

Overall triage

This must always be shown to users

Provides a recommended level of overall triage. The triage can have the following values in order of importance:

  • Emergency - Ambulance
  • Emergency - AE
  • Urgent - within 12h
  • Urgent - within 48h
  • Routine - within 2 weeks
  • Self-care - no time frame
  • Self-limiting - no time frame


This must always be shown to users

Gives an overall summary of the results. This section is based on the combination of the possible outcomes and the reported symptoms, health background and/or personal data (ie. age, sex), with a recommendation for next steps.

Possible causes

Provides a list of possible causes for reported symptoms. Each possible cause includes the following information:

  • Name (Must be shown)
  • Description
  • How it is assessed
  • How it is treated
  • When to take action (Must be shown although user can action this)

Symptoms and information

This must always be shown to users

Gives a report of the interaction with the SSC with regards to the symptoms and includes the following:

  • Sex and year of birth
  • Symptoms reported as present
  • Symptoms reported as unsure
  • Symptoms reported as absent
  • Health background
  • Duration

Processed data

The consultation report JSON response includes the following data:

  • extracted_symptoms: initial symptom for that particular consultation including name and severity
  • duration: for how long the condition is present
  • additional_symptoms: symptoms reported as present
  • negative_symptoms: symptoms reported as absent
  • unsure_symptoms: symptoms reported as unsure
  • consultation_triage: overall triage for the consultation
  • articles_v3: possible conditions
    • yourmd_id: internal id
    • name: name of the possible cause
    • condition: includes probability
    • content:
      • name: name of the possible cause
      • medical_name: medical name of the cause
      • snippet: description of the cause
      • triage:
        • triage:
        • triage_advice: advice for the condition
        • triage_diagnostic: how it is assessed
        • triage_treatment: how it is treated
        • triage_worries: when to take action
        • triage_message: how the condition can be managed
        • triage_level: the importance of the triage (from self-care to emergency)
    • substitution:
    • substitute_articles:
  • consultation_id: id of the consultation
  • notifications:
  • influencing_factors: influencing factors that can affect the result of the consultation (ie. smoker, asthma, diabetes, etc)
  • user_profile: year of birth and gender
  • consultation_date: date of the consultation

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