Medically verified health content to educate, engage & convert users

Healthily is the gold standard for healthcare navigation. By combining medically validated content
with AI-driven, personalised healthcare guidance we connect consumers/patients with the healthcare product & services they need.

All content that Healthily creates is consumer focused and accessible with an engaging tone of voice.

  • Medically reviewed – every fact in every piece of content, from articles to infographics and videos, is checked by our qualified doctors
  • Science backed and engaging – written and referenced by an experienced editorial team, consisting of award-winning journalists (including ex-Daily Mail and -Daily Telegraph staff) and authors with in-depth experience in curating health content for broad audiences.
  • Trusted – all content goes through a rigorous process, ensuring it’s clearly communicated and evidence-based to meet our PIF tick quality mark, empowering users to make informed decisions about their health and to take next steps.
  • Relevant, helpful and scalable - using multiple routes from search to social listening and medical insight to get to the heart of what users really want to know about their health, with fresh content created daily.

How to integrate Healthily content into your website or app?

There are 2 ways Healthily content can be integrated into your website or app:

  • Content widget - a low code integration option that allows you to embed our article search and viewer into your website or app with a few lines of code. This is an option that allows you get started quickly. The widget is hosted by Healthily and has limited customisation features.
  • Content API - for a more customised user experience, you can use our Content API to search for articles and display the article text, natively, in your app or website using your. This does require more work and understanding over using the widget, however, this option allows for the most flexible use of our content.

Licensing and API Keys

In order to integrate either our content widget or API, you will need an API key and token. Unlike the our Smart Symptom Checker API Key, you will need to contact us on [email protected] in order to request a test credentials.

All of our content is licensed commercially and API keys will be restricted by the following article categories:

  • Conditions
  • Drugs
  • Mind
  • Medical Exams
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Sexual Health
  • Sleep
  • Symptoms
  • Treatments

You can license all or a subset of categories, which will be used by our widget and API to return the appropriate content. For further information on licensing, pricing and restrictions, please contact our business development team at [email protected].

What’s Next

Find out more information about how to integrate our content using the links below.