What is the Smart Symptom Checker?

The Smart Symptom Checker offers an AI-driven chatbot. It allows users to check symptoms and get useful information on how to manage 100s of conditions. The Smart Symptom Checker API allows developers to integrate Healthily's ground-breaking conversational AI technology into their own applications.

Using the Smart Symptom Checker

Through the Smart Symptom Checker API, third-party developers can integrate a chatbot into their websites or applications.

Developer partners are then able to create dynamic user interfaces that can represent the responses from the API and allow users to answer questions as part of a conversation flow.

Smart Symptom Checker features

The Smart Symptom Checker offers three core capabilities:

Symptom Checking

The Symptom Checker asks a series of questions related to the user's health background and symptoms. Both simple and complex questions are asked and at the end of the assessment, a consultation report is created.

Symptom Search

Provides an endpoint for users to perform a free-text search, and return a collection of matching symptoms. This endpoint is typically used to provide autocomplete functionality to an app.


A dedicated endpoint for the searching of articles from the Healthily health library.