Onboarding is the process of gathering user information needed for a medical conversation.

Onboarding takes place during the Check Symptoms and Ask a question route, and happens at a different point depending on whether the assessment is taking place for the current user or someone else.

RouteOnboarding point
Symptom check for current userAfter first symptom is provided to the Healthily API
Symptom check for someone elseBefore the first symptom is requested by the Healthily API

There are three types of data the Smart Symptom Checker requires:

NameThe name of the user (or the person for whom symptoms are being checked) for personalisation of messages.
GenderMale or Female, relevant for medical data
Year of birthRelevant for medical data

Once onboarding is completed, the Smart Symptom Checker will continue to the next stage of whichever route has been chosen.